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We strongly invite anyone who holds a position in the union or who is thinking of getting involved in the union to read the attached Tribunal decision as it is a clear proof that the Labour Code protects workers who get involved in the union cause.

We are pleased to inform you of the decision of the Administrative Labour Tribunal (Tribunal administratif du Travail -TAT)in the case of our colleague Patrick Allan who is a delegate member of our Union Council.

Patrick Allan has worked very hard for years to denounce poor workmanship by subcontractors and was the main witness for the union in a grievance challenging subcontracting.

Upon his return to work, his former manager, accompanied by a Labour Relations representative, tried to intimidate him by imposing a disciplinary notice in his file.

We challenged this disciplinary notice before the Tribunal.  

Despite repeated denials by the MUHC representative that it was not a disciplinary notice and that the notice had been removed from his file, the Tribunal concluded that the mere fact that Patrick Allan was brought into the office in front of 3 managers was not innocent and that the MUHC was retaliating against our colleague, even though the measure did not deprive him of pay.

Together for a strong union!

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