Experience is not relative

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Implemented on April 2, 2019, the new salary structure will lead to problems of non-recognition of experience for some employees in the health and social services and education networks.

The mechanism for integration into the new pay scales only takes into account the hourly rate earned and not the experience acquired or the step number occupied in the old scale. Thus, on April 2, all employees enter the new scale at an hourly rate equal to or immediately higher than the one earned on April 1. However, for some people, although there is no reduction in salary, this means that they are awarded one or more levels lower than they currently occupy, regardless of the number of years of experience they have accumulated.

As a first public action, we are asking all members to print the poster you will find in the tools on this page and record your number of years of service, then take your picture, individually or collectively, and circulate it on social media.

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