Lachine Hospital: a first victory

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The battle is not over !

Our hospital will keep its 24/7 emergency room and we will add 20 beds. This is excellent news. Unfortunately, no announcement has been made for intensive care and surgery.  These are two absolutely vital services to have when you have an emergency.

These 3 services have made Lachine a true community hospital for decades.  Even with an emergency, without full intensive care and surgical services, there is a risk of having a semi-emergency that would be forced to send serious cases to other hospitals and that is out of the question.

We have a real hospital and we want to keep it and even improve it

The MUHCEU has already participated in the organization of a demonstration with a group of organized citizens (Save the Lachine Hospital) around Dr. Saba. Some Members of Parliament as well as the mayors of all the West Island boroughs have joined us.  

The MUHCEU will continue the battle with its allies to restore the integrity of services.

The mobilization has paid off, we are keeping our hospital.

A simple truth is obvious.  We made gains because we mobilized in the streets and made Lachine a public issue. 

Now we must mobilize to obtain a good collective agreement and above all a salary to stop being impoverished by the inflation that is hitting us hard.

Let’s all participate in our general assembly on May 5th to vote on pressure tactics.

Together we can win, we can be respected!

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