Dr. Arruda responds to SECUSM’s letter

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Our request from this morning is already under consideration.

This morning, April 1, we sent a letter to Dr. Arruda formally requesting that every health care worker be tested once a week to prevent untested staff from working while contaminated.

During his press conference a journalist relayed our request to Mr. Arruda who said:

“…we’ll examine it with the scientific team and if it’s recommended and if we get the availability to do the tests, the answer will be yes…”

This response, which arrives a few hours after our letter was sent, encourages us to continue our work.

Our union or is totally dedicated to protecting you in these difficult days. We spare no effort. Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have been intervening daily with MUHC management to change protocols and decisions that are not up to the task of protecting you.  We have had several decisions changed to date and we continue to do so every day. 

We have intervened with the SANTÉ PUBLIQUE de Montréal and now with the provincial authorities.  

Rest assured that we will not give up.

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