March 8 – our sisters demand pay equity NOW!

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For the past 12 years, administrative officers, purchasers, medical secretaries and other office workers have been waiting for the settlement of their pay equity complaints.  After the Liberals, it’s the CAQ’s turn to treat them with contempt.

For 12 years, governments have owed money to these tens of thousands of women who hold the entire administration of the health network at arm’s length.  This is theft.

On March 8, MUHC employees took turns demonstrating in front of the Glen site to demand the immediate resolution of their pay equity complaints.

Dominique Daigneault, President of the Montreal Central Council of the CSN spoke on behalf of all CSN unions in Montreal/Laval to support our sisters.

Simon Rochefort, category 3 representative on the FSSS negotiating committee delivered a message of support from the entire federation.

Shiaman Diawara, president of the SECUSM motivated the members to continue this fight for justice and respect

We are not giving up, the CAQ must respect us and respect the pay equity law


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