Mobilization for MDR Pay Equity !

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The FSSS Information-Action Committee for MDR is determined to obtain satisfactory results on pay equity complaints.

 The first step of this mobilization is to flood social networks (especially Facebook) with messages to:

Premier M. François Legault

François Legault | Facebook

 Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé

Christian Dubé – Député de La Prairie – Assemblée nationale | Facebook

 Mrs. Sonia Lebel, President of the Treasury Board

Sonia LeBel – Députée de Champlain | Facebook

 It is important to keep a respectful tone when publishing these messages and to personalize the message so that there is no single message to avoid being blocked on the politicians’ sites. The main message should be related to the settlement of pay equity complaints.

Examples of messages to include in comments in each person’s post:

Message 1: Without the work of medical device re-processors (MDRs), we will not catch up to the backlog of surgeries in Quebec. Why is the government dragging out our complaint about maintaining pay equity to attract and retain staff?

 Message 2: Staff shortages affect many job titles in the system, such as medical device reprocessors (MDRs). To improve this situation, the government must resolve our pay equity complaint that has been outstanding for over 10 years.

 Message 3: Medical device reprocessors (MDRs) have been waiting for over 10 years for the government to recognize them by settling the pay equity complaint. We are predominantly women and our workload has only increased, even more so since the pandemic and the complexity of our tasks. The government must recognize us now.

We invite all of you MDR staff and members in general to participate massively in these actions.

We also wish to inform you that the FSSS – MDR action-information committee will meet in order to elaborate, together, the continuation of the action plan for the next weeks.

 Let’s keep the pressure on, it is by uniting and acting together that we will achieve results.


Union executive

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