Open letter to Dr Gfeller on premiums.

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Hello Dr Gfeller

As previously discussed with you many times, we have had a numerous amount of employees come to us and ask that based on the work that they do in proximity to Covid-19 patients and the risks this may bring, that they be considered for the premiums awarded to other departments. Your staff is understandably upset and with reason, that they’ve been left out and have been forgotten for the work they have been doing, risking their health and lives thru this pandemic.

In addition to StoresLaundry,  Kitchen,  Administrative agents and Security dept, of which you may have already received their petition, we’ve received concerns from the Dentistry dept,  Sterilization dept (who sterilize N-95 and all medical devices that come into contact with infected patients),  Transport dept (of which we had one of our employees contract Covid-19 and spent 2 weeks in ICU in a coma and almost die along with countless that got infected or were sent home to quarantine because they were exposed).  

You must consider and agree that all employees that pass thru the front door to come to work are at risk and considered essential service in the health care system and are all deserving of the same premium.

Denying them of these premiums demonstrates that management is not aware of the work that they do and the risks that are involved. This creates a sense of cynicism and discouragement towards the work that they do to serve the population. 

I hope the next time you do meet our employees in the hallways you can answer their questions as to why their work is not worthy enough to be recognized in the fight against covid-19.

Kind regards,
Robert Lagueux

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