Premiums and lump sums from Ministerial Order 2022-003.

A first union victory and the battle continue!

The FSSS is making intense representations so that all our members can benefit from the premiums and other benefits unilaterally decreed by the government in the context of the fight against COVID.

To date, we have not succeeded in ensuring that all employees of our health care institutions have access to the premiums and lump sums. 

However, the government has agreed to expand the premiums and lump sums to 43 other job titles in categories 2 and 3 that we represent at the MUHC. This expansion will allow a majority of our members to obtain the $1000/month lump sum.  Rest assured that the FSSS continues to advocate for these premiums, lump sums and benefits to apply to everyone.

This MINISTERIAL ORDER 2022-003 contains two parts:

  1. New overtime provisions for full-time and part-time employees and a lump sum for part-timers.
  2. The $1000/month lump sum now applies to 43 additional job titles.   Job titles that were already entitled to it continue to be entitled to it.

Here are the elements that affect the double overtime and a premium for part-time employees. Important note: employees who are not properly vaccinated are not eligible for these new provisions

For the full time workers

  1. A full-time employee who works an overtime shift in addition to his/her regular work week will be paid at double time


that person will be credited ½ day of paid leave at single rate to be placed in a bank.  This leave may be taken after May 1.

For the purpose of establishing entitlement to this overtime with double time pay, the calculation of hours in the regular work week shall include:

  • Regular shifts;
  • Vacation days
  • Statutory holidays
  • Floating holidays;
  • Internal union leave of absences;
  • Time off for a medical examination related to pregnancy;
  • Conversion of e vening or night premiums into time off;
  • Days when the employee is absent because he/she must isolate himself/herself at the request of his/her employer or a public health authority.

For the part time workers

  • A part-time employee who works at least 30 hours in a week without reaching the number of hours of a full-time employee will receive a bonus of $100 for that week.  The calculation of the hours worked that give right to the $100 includes the absences mentioned in paragraph 1.
  • Once a week, a part-time person who works a shift consecutive to his/her normal shift (double) will be paid double time for that shift, if, in the same week: 
    • She worked a double shift in a department that operates 24/7, 


  • If she worked an additional evening, night or weekend shift at regular rate after working the hours of her position. The hours worked that qualify for this double rate payment include the absences mentioned in paragraph 1.
  • Persons working an overtime shift are entitled to reimbursement for cab fares:
    • either to get to work;
    • to return home.
  • Parking is free from January 16 to April 10 for day shift employees who have purchased a monthly parking pass.  Parking is free on evenings, nights and weekends for everyone from January 16 to April 10.
  • An employee who works a full shift on overtime is entitled to either a free meal if the service is available or to a $15 fee.

The following is a list of job titles that are added to the list of jobs that are eligible for the $1,000 per month lump sum based on the same criteria that were in effect in the ARRÊTÉ MINISTÉRIEL 2020-035. 

  1. Intervention agent
  2. Intervention agent team leader 
  3. Medico-legal intervention officer  
  4. Medico-legal intervention officer  Team Leader
  5. Psychiatric intervention officer 
  6. Psychiatric intervention officer  Team Leader
  7. Service aid 
  8. Cook’s helper 
  9. Pathology Assistant
  10. Rehabilitation assistant
  11. Laboratory or radiology technical assistant
  12. Health care technical assistant
  13. Pharmacy technical assistant
  14. Senior Pharmacy Technical Assistant
  15. Health and social services aide 
  16. Butcher
  17. Stretcher-bearer
  18. Launderer 
  19. Cafeteria cashier
  20. Cook
  21. Caretaker in residence
  22. Storekeeper
  23. Cleaner
  24. Baker/pastry cook 
  25. Laundry attendant
  26. Receptionist
  27. Housekeeping attendant (light duty)
  28. Housekeeping attendant (heavy work)
  29. Food service attendant
  30. Transport attendant
  31. Physically handicapped beneficiaries transport attendant 
  32. Beneficiary attendant
  33. Beneficiary attendant team leader
  34. Storeroom attendant 
  35. Attendant in a northern institution 
  36. Physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy attendant 
  37. Reprocessing of medical devices attendant 
  38. Operating room attendant
  39. Presser 
  40. Medical secretary
  41. Institution guard 
  42. Technician class B
  43. Food technician

To this list must be added the job titles of category 3 which are included according to the criteria outlined below.

Important – Category 3

The government will henceforth pay the $1,000 per month premium to Administrative Officers classes 1, 2, 3, 4, for both secretarial and administrative sectors, provided that they work in a clinical sector.

The FSSS is continuing its battle to stop the government from discriminating against our members because each salaried employee of a health institution is an essential link in the battle against COVID.  Our position is clear: every employee MUST have the right to the same benefits, bonuses and other advantages. 

We are not giving up, we are continuing the battle.

Below you will find the official full text of the Ministerial Order 2022-003

MUHCEU Union Executive

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