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Dear CSN members

The union has a long history fighting discrimination and our members know that discrimination exists within the MUHC.

The MUHC has established a new committee on inclusion, equity and diversity, the C-AIDE (Commitee for action, inclusion, diversity and equity). This is a new initiative by the Board of Directors to hear, listen and connect with all stakeholder groups associated with the MUHC, from patients and family members, to health care professionals and staff, to academics, trainees, partners, etc.

The union intends to participate in order to continue our fight and to ensure that the work of this committee is not used to hide the realities we are facing behind proclamations of principle.

We encourage all CSN members to fill out the survey at the link below and contact the committee by phone or email to share their lived experiences of discrimination, inequality, ideas and solutions.  

We also ask that you contact your union representatives with any information you may be able to provide to this committee.


E-mail/ Phone: and/or leave a voicemail message at 514-934-1934, ext. 37699. All information will be used to inform and determine future actions. Be assured that your confidentiality will be respected.

More information can be found on the committee’s public website for those employees who cannot access the intranet. (Click on link below)

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