The government does not negotiate.

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Are you ready to endure another 5 years of wage increases below inflation?

That’s what the CAQ has been offering you for over a year now. It’s contempt. 

We urgently need to mobilize.  We can win. More than ever in the past, the public sees the importance of our work.  We must denounce loud and clear, together, the hypocrisy of the government that calls us “guardian angels” but that does not resolve anything in our convention and that seeks to impoverish us for another 5 years… 

On March 31, it will be one year since our collective agreement expired.  The 8 central unions are calling on their members to mobilize. (APTS, CSN, CSQ, FAE, FIQ, FTQ, SFPQ and SPGQ).   For the first time in over a year we are all and everyone together..

To mobilize means to be heard by the entire population.  There are hundreds of thousands of us and it is together that we will be able to obtain a fair salary and better working conditions.

Actions will be put forward for March 31.  Everyone must participate because it is our agreement, our salary and our working conditions that are at stake.

Together to be respected!

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