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We have it!

We’re keeping it!

It was with these words that SECUSM President Shiaman Diawara ended his speech to the CSN Central Council on March 1.

The staff is attached to the Lachine hospital. The workers have kept a certain pride in working there.

The population needs this hospital.  It makes no sense to let the CAQ close a public hospital when they want to open 6 private hospitals.

If we don’t have enough staff for our existing hospital, how can we find staff for private hospitals, it doesn’t make sense.

Our union has obtained the unanimous support of the Central Council.

We salute the initiative of Dr. Saba who launched a citizen petition to save our hospital.  We invite you to sign this petition at the following address.

Here is the speech delivered by SECUSM President Shiaman Diawara to the Montreal Central Council of the CSN.

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