$1000 lump Sum Payment

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Please note that payroll employees are receiving a high number of queries concerning the $1,000 lump sum payment. This requires a complex analysis, it may be that call returns take longer than usual.

Also, since next week (week of July 26), we must anticipate the pay that will be deposited on August 6, and HR tells us that there will be no call returns regarding lump sum payments from Thursday, July 23, 2020 until Wednesday. Call returns will resume after that date.Payroll said if corrections are to be made, they will be applied on a later pay date. Therefore, we ask you to send all your questions to the centralized payroll email: paie.payroll@muhc.mcgill.ca with your employee’s number and name in the title. Don’t forget to send a copy of your email to the union vice-president of your site:

or the Glen site:  vp.glen@secusm.org
for the MGH site.  vp.mgh@secusm.org
for the Lachine site:  vp.lachine@secusm.org
for other sites:  vp.satellite@secusm.org

We thank you for your understanding.


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