Premiums in the health care sector

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How to demolish our health care system from the inside

The government may flatter employees in the health care system by calling them “guardian angels,” but apart from doctors, the government despises everyone.

The premiums of discord and discouragement.  

The government offers premiums of $100, $200 and $1000 to a tiny minority who work in our health care system.

The government, blinded by its ignorance of our work, does not see that every person in every job title is an essential cog in this huge machine called the health care system.

Without the clerical staff, how can the hospital function? 

Without housekeeping, how can we fight viruses, bacteria, infections, etc.?

Without the kitchen, who will feed the patients?

Without the labs, who will provide results to the doctors?

Without the sterilization department, what are the doctors going to work with?

Without our electricians, plumbers and other trades, how long can our facilities operate?

And so on… we have 250 job titles in the health care sector.  The government by giving bonuses to a tiny minority of employees has managed to do more to create anger and frustration among 90% of employees than the Liberal governments in 15 years of power and contempt for health care workers.

The government, in light of the crisis, would now have a better understanding of the needs of the health care system…. certainly not the case so far.

We, the union, are literally shouting from the rooftops that the government is killing all motivation within the health care system with these discriminatory bonuses.

Before the crisis, we already had a serious problem with attracting and retaining staff, it’s only going to get worse.

You’ve had enough of contempt, send a message to the Premier Legault…

You can also call the Prime Minister’s office at 
(514) 873-3411

et une copie au Docteur Gfeller

We want equal bonuses for all job titles.

We want $3.00 per hour as of April 1st for all job titles.

Enough with contempt Mr. Legault !

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