91.5% strike mandate at the MUHC.

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After a year on the front lines of the fight against COVID, the guardian angels vote for the strike at 91.5% in category 2 and 89.6% for category 3 because the CAQ’s offers will impoverish us.  Here are some examples of what the CAQ is offering us.

To these lousy wage increases they add a miserable lump sum:

– 2020 – $0.66 for rank Nb 1 in pay scale which decreases to $0.33 per hour at rank 12;

– 2021 – $0.66 per hour for all storage units

– 2022 – $0.43 for rank Nb 1 to 11 and 1.5% for rank 12 and above.

These lump sums do not count against our future salary or for calculating our retirement.

There is a cost of living adjustment formula of up to 1% based on economic growth.

In fact, for the ESSENTIAL WORK that we have always done, the CAQ offers us…

And yet, there is money!  The CAQ has offered teachers at the elementary and secondary levels :

– 15.2% immediate salary increase for teachers starting out in the elementary and secondary school system – they go from $46,000 to $53,000 

– 10.2% immediate salary increase for teachers at the top of the salary scale – from $82,585 to $91,000.

On strike … soon !

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