You have the right not to be left alone with your manager.

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Your collective agreement gives you rights. In particular, the right to be accompanied by a union representative when your manager wants to meet with you.

It is important to contact your union (SECUSM-FSSS-CSN) each time you are summoned by your manager.

Here is what the collective agreement says:

5.06 Right to be accompanied

An employee who is summoned to a meeting with an employer’s representative concerning his or her employment relationship or status, a disciplinary matter or the settlement of a grievance may require to be accompanied by a union representative.

So, if you go to a meeting without knowing what the purpose of the meeting is, and once the meeting begins, you think it may have something to do with :

– your employment relationship

– your employment status

– a disciplinary matter

– the resolution of a grievance

You must demand to have your delegate present. If your manager refuses, leave the room and politely say that you will return when your representative is present.

If your manager insists or makes threats, you have the right to use your phone to record the conversation and contact your union as soon as possible.

Make sure your rights are respected!

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