Campaign rules

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Candidates must respect these rules

  • It is forbidden to use the easy list to contact the members;
  • It is forbidden to contact the members at their address;
  • It is forbidden to use all Union boards across the MUHC;
  • It is forbidden to campaign during working hours or liberated union hours;
  • The list of all candidates will be published once on the Union’s web site and in the social medias;
  • It is forbidden to campaign on the MUHCEU-CSN Facebook page.

Acceptable behavior by candidates

  • All rules must be followed;
  • Respect must be demonstrated towards all;
  • All complaints will be investigated, and sanctions could be applied (including the possibility of being removed from the list)
  • Your complaints and concerned can be addressed to: 

Judith Ryan, president of election

Marie-Pier Dalpé, Secretary of elections

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