Delays and gifts!

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Depending on whether you are an employee of the health care sector or a voter, the CAQ may or may not find the time, the personnel and the material resources to send you your cheque.

On the one hand, health care employees have a SIGNED CONTRACT called a collective agreement that gives specific dates to pay you what you are due.  No dates are met, that is a breach of contract.

On the other hand, there are 4 million voters who do not have a contract with the government but who will receive a pre-election gift certificate (paid with your own money dear citizens).  Curiously, it seems that there will be all the human resources and equipment to write these 4 million checks. 

We can bet that the voters will receive their gift BEFORE you receive what has been NEGOTIATED for you the guardian angels of the population as Legault liked to flatter you instead of increasing your salaries.

The union assures you that we will do everything we can to force this contemptuous government to pay you what it owes you.

Union Executive

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