Premiums and retroactivity .

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Delays and errors.

It has been reported that in some departments there were several errors made on the payment received on February 24.  This February 24th payment was to adjust your salaries for the increases of:

– 2% effective April 1, 2020 and 

– another 2% salary increase on April 1, 2021.

It is LOGIBEC that makes the calculations for these retroactive salary payments and not our colleagues in the Payroll Department.  

The union would like to remind you that the employees of our Payroll Department are not responsible for the delays or errors made by LOGIBEC, on the contrary, they work very hard to correct these errors. LOGIBEC promises to correct it’s errors quickly without confirming a date..

When we settled the collective agreement we established dates for the payment of retroactive pay as well as pay equity complaints.  These dates are not being respected by the government. Grievances have been filed.

The union met with the MUHC and we were assured that for the 2020-2021 retroactive pay as well as for pay equity which will come later, each employee will receive a slip that will allow you to verify if the amount received corresponds with what you are entitled to.

As for the delays in the payment of pay equity, the CSN is asking that interest be paid and no specific date has been confirmed by the MUHC or the MSSS.

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