Drawing of the winners for the participation in the General Assembly of the Union.

We had announced a draw of 10 prizes of $50 among the members present at the general assembly of May 6 and 7.  We did the draw on May 11th @ 12h00 live on Facebook (the video is available on the SECUSM-CSN page.

No delegate currently holding a position in the Union is included in the draw.

And the winners are:

  1. Marcinkowska Anne Marie
  2. Davie-King Keon
  3. Harkat Sofia
  4. Gorete
  5. Sciscia Angelina
  6. Joon Alyssa Tricia
  7. Leduc Carrie Ann
  8. Collymore Gail
  9. Mondelus Daphnay
  10. Jokhoo Danny

The Union thanks those who participated in the meeting and we congratulate the winners.  We encourage you to participate in the Union’s meetings and activities as we are already preparing for the next collective agreement and we have great challenges ahead of us.

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