Gratefulness is long overdue for the angels of the CSN

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On March 20, Dr. Gfeller held a web conference to provide an update on the measures in place to protect employees.  On several occasions he highlighted the work of doctors and nurses on the front lines.  He forgot to mention that the orderlies, housekeeping and administrative staff who receive patients are also on the front line, as are each of our 4,500 members.

For the past 3 days, your CSN union has been insisting, among other things, that management introduce free parking to prevent our members from being exposed on public transport.  Also, for the past three days, the CSN has been arguing that it is not safe to let employees with certain symptoms into the hospital and that they should be sorted and tested in a tent outside.

Today Dr. Gfeller announced that free parking will begin Monday, March 23 and that the MUHC will set up an outdoor triage and testing tent.

Your CSN representatives are continuing their efforts to represent you and put forward the best protective measures for you and the patients.

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