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In case of illness or work related accident

When you are ill, whether you are on Salary Insurance or CNESST, it is essential that you first contact your union, before sending your medical papers to Human Resources.  This way, we will be able to help you and above all, to  ensure that your papers are filled out correctly, which can save you many problems and delays in getting paid.

In addition, if the union has a copy of your documents, we will be able to follow your file step by step, and react more quickly if necessary.

Human Resources calls you at home!

If you are on a work stoppage, you do not have to stay next to your phone to answer. You are on a medically approved absence, you are not in prison.

If you see a private number on your phone screen, do not answer, let the person leave a message in your voice mail, this will save you from being harassed, at a time when you are vulnerable.

When you listen to the recorded message, if you are concerned about the Human Resources request, call your union and we will be able to help you.

To join your health and safety delegates at the GLEN

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