MUHC continues its assault on our rights

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After starting to impose shift rotation on PABs, which jeopardizes their health and deprives them of their right to work-family balance.  After introducing shift rotation in the office sector.  After having imposed weekend work schedules in several sectors whose had not worked weekends for years, now the MUHC bosses are continuing their assault on our working conditions and our rights.

We have learned from employees in the Archives and Admissions departments that if their colleagues were absent (sick days, vacations, CSST, salary insurance, …) they are not to be replaced. This will create work overloads and a lot of stress.  In addition, it means that part-time employees or those on the recall list will leave the department or the MUHC due to lack of work hours. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that there is a recall list for these replacements. 

We have also come across a memo dated December 30, 2019, entitled “New rules regarding Work Schedule “. Please be advised that your union has challenged these new rules, which do not respect your rights under our collective agreement.  Telling you that you cannot make any changes once the schedule is out contravenes your right to request a personal day (23.29N), a family responsibility day (25.08N), a shift exchange (8.05L), a holiday request or holiday exchange (20.04L) and the list could go on. 

In our lives it is often difficult to foresee everything 6 weeks in advance and unfortunately unforeseen events can always occur but our bosses don’t seem to want to take this into account.. Do we still have the right to have a life outside of work? 

The same memo also misleadingly gives instructions regarding changes to your availability. Our agreement is clear on this (6.04L) you can change your availability once every 12 weeks (3 months) and it takes effect 14 days later.

The union is working hard to put an end to these problems you are experiencing.  For any question or situation in your department, do not hesitate to contact your union. 

It is paragraph after paragraph that the bosses are flouting our collective agreement.  Let’s unite and enforce our rights.


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