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A proposal that the SECHUM and other local unions of the FSSS will defend at the meeting on 25 and 26 June

Considering the abandonment of the mandate to bargain for ($3, $1, $1) as per our salary demands by the CSN and the FSSS, as well as the absence of a campaign since the beginning of negotiations with the government to defend these demands;

Considering the absence of a democratic decision making instances since February 2020;

Considering that the CCSPP (see note below) cannot present a counter-offer to the government without consensus, therefore without the agreement of the FSSS negotiating committee;

Considering that the FSSS negotiating committee has endorsed the presentation, by CCSPP, of a counter-offer to the government without a mandate from the floor, which is contrary to article 64 of the FSSS Constitution and By-Laws;

We demand:

That the FSSS defend its initial mandate of $3, $1, $1 entrusted to it by the members;

That the FSSS undertake a membership mobilization campaign and an intense public communications campaign to explain the accuracy of our salary demands.

June 22, 2020 – taken from the web site of the CHUM employees Union

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