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MUHCEU, Declaration against discrimination

Our union is deeply committed to the struggle for social justice, equality and against all forms of social, racial, gender and minority discrimination at all times and in all circumstances.

Our trade unionism is the one that has chosen to regroup and unify all job categories, men and women from all sectors of activity, from all origins, because we understand that social justice is built by realizing that our differences can be used to make us stronger together, against the power in place.

Our trade unionism is rooted in the progressive ideas of trade unionists who, as early as the early 1900s, rejected the corporatist unionism of craft unions that defended only one category of skilled workers, leaving unskilled workers, ethnic minorities and women behind.

Our trade unionism finds its “raison d’être” in the fight against all forms of discrimination and in the unity of workers of all origins.

A. Philip Randolph (1889-1979) President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Cars Workers Union
and leader of the Civil Rights Movement

Here at the MUHC we fight against the discrimination that can still be seen today in certain practices or decisions of the administration.

Beyond the declarations of convenience of the employer and government authorities, which only serve to polish their image, as far as we are concerned, discrimination and contempt are felt even in our salaries. Our less qualified jobs, our jobs held by women and people from diverse backgrounds are systematically devalued.

The power denies the crucial role of our jobs in the proper functioning of our institutions.

The power keeps ingrained in its way of thinking and in its actions to discredit us, to discriminate against us.

The power knows how to wrap itself in finery, but its philosophy hardly changes.

WE the confined in jobs that are eternally undervalued;

WE the women,

WE the minorities, 

WE whom governments have been impoverishing for decades,

WE put forward the 3$ – 1$ – 1$  an hour for all.  

It is the continuation of our lifelong battle for justice and respect.  A justice and respect that we are still denied again and again even though, to put on a good face, our elites now call us “guardian angels”.

It seems that for the government the “guardian angels” should give up the salary they are entitled to and settle for fine words, that too is contemptuous.

In our union, in our assemblies, in our structures, in our actions and in our thinking, we constantly want every component of our important diversity to feel included, and it is this inclusion that moves us forward in our struggles for justice, for respect, for all workers.

Together we bargain, divided we beg for charity.

MUHCEU Executive Committee

June 22 2020

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