Massive vote at MUHC to increase pressure tactics.

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The 866 members of our union participated massively in the vote in favor of the pressure tactics that will be put in place in the coming weeks.  

98.6%! of the members voted in favor of the proposal to intensify the pressure tactics.

Participation in the vote to increase pressure tactics
Total number of members who voted866
invalid ballots2

We will need everyone to take action to make our demands known to this government that is offering us such crumbs as to propose salary increases that are well below inflation, while they want to give themselves an immediate increase of $30,000 per year.

This is what we call a slap in the face to the “guardian angels of the population”. 

The action begins on Saturday May 13th in Sherbrooke.  The Common Front is organizing a demonstration in front of the CAQ Convention site.

Join the demonstration by clicking on the link below.  By registering on this site you will receive information on where and when to take a bus to Sherbrooke.

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Solidarity !

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