The CAQ insults us!

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Today the CAQ officially presented its proposal to increase the salaries of MPs by $30,000 per year.

Meanwhile, the CAQ is offering a lot less than inflation to the “guardian angels of the population” that are the employees of the health network.

A housekeeper earns $21.58 an hour.  The CAQ wants to impose a 3% increase on us, which means that in 2023 her annual salary will increase by a maximum of $1262.48, or almost 24 times less than that of MPs.

An administrative officer at the top of the salary scale will see her salary increase by a maximum of $1365.

This is a slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of dedicated people who keep our health care system running day and night, even during a pandemic.

We must mobilize and show that we have had enough of this contempt from the CAQ. 

We have the opportunity to show the CAQ our willingness to get a good convention by participating on Saturday, May 13 in Sherbrooke in a demonstration organized by the Common Front in front of the CAQ Convention site.

Join the demonstration by clicking on the link below.  By registering on this site you will receive information on where and when to take a bus to Sherbrooke.


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