Massive vote for unlimited general strike at MUHC.

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Our union joins the many others in the public sector who have already voted for unlimited general strike action.  

On the unlimited general strike proposal
 Category 2 (Services)Category 3 (offices)
% IN FAVOR97,13% (1)88,62%
  • A total of 1154 people took part, including those who did not vote.

This vote is historic.  It’s the first time since 1982 that an unlimited general strike vote has been held.  

Our members don’t necessarily want to go on strike, but one thing is certain: they do:

  • Enough of the CAQ’s contempt, 
  • Enough of seeing the government give billions of public money to companies that are already rich, 
  • Enough of being impoverished by wages that haven’t even kept pace with inflation over the past 20 years.
  • Enough of seeing public service employees sometimes having to turn to food banks, 
  • Enough of seeing working conditions deteriorate.

The 1700 unions representing the 420,000 members of the Common Front have until October 18 to complete their votes, and all the unions, whether in health, Education, or public services, are voting on the same proposal.

If the government doesn’t radically change its approach, and decide to massively reinvest in public services, we can expect our first strike soon after October 18.

Only by strengthening our solidarity can we win!

All together!  

With one voice, let’s force the CAQ to respect us!

Quality public services require quality jobs!

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