Mobilization made the difference.

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In December 2022, the government offered us 9% over 5 years and nothing more.  The government was also aiming to degrade our working conditions. On both fronts, the mobilization of our members was crucial.

We present here the central table offer, i.e. wages and part of the other monetary conditions.  Other documents will be published shortly with more information, particularly on premiums.

It should be noted that the agreement in principle presented below is global. 

There are also important settlements on working conditions and pay equity, which also represent significant sums for several category 3 job titles. To do so, please consult the second attached document.


The agreement in principle on the central table.

The agreement in principle on the sectoral table and pay equity. NB: more information to come on the sectorial table

Behind the table, the entire FSSS-CSN negotiating team.

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