MUHCEU on the front line for your health and safety

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We receive your questions and concerns about the problems you experience on a daily basis and the safety procedures that are sometimes ignored or misapplied.  We take action to put maximum pressure to correct all situations that put your health and safety at risk.

The union is extremely concerned about the procedure used by the hospital for workers who show up at work with a single symptom.  As of March 23, the person risks being returned home without compensation and without being tested.

On March 23rd your union executive took the initiative to write directly to SANTÉ PUBLIQUE.  Although they are overwhelmed with work they took the time to call us back and we spoke with the Chief Medical Officer.

She thanked us for sharing our suggestions and informed us of the new directives that will be issued on March 26th.  These guidelines incorporate much of what your union put forward in the March 23rd letter.

Your union executive and union delegates are working very hard to ensure your rights and health and safety in these difficult times.  

Union excecutive




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