Negotiations are going nowhere. We have to mobilize!

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Already 31 national bargaining meetings for our wages and working conditions, and what have we accomplished to date?

The government isn’t budging on working conditions. It would even like to make us back down by extending the workweek to pay us straight time instead of overtime.

The government proposes nothing to improve access to care in the public network The government is prepared to pay much more than it costs in the public network to entrust care to the private sector. The government doesn’t have a penny to improve our working conditions and wages, but it has billions for private clinics.

Clearly, the government is preparing to impose impoverishment on us.  The same government that literally runs after wealthy multinationals to offer them hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies has found nothing better than to offer us increases below inflation.

If we want things to change, we members have to get involved.

All over Quebec, Canada and even the USA, workers are making major gains in 2023 by going on strike, or even threatening to go on strike, because like us, they’ve had enough of governments and corporations having money for everything except employees.

Mobilizing us is the only way to emerge victorious from these negotiations.  We are part of the Common Front.  With the other union organizations, we number 410,000 in Quebec.

On Saturday, September 23, there will be a major national demonstration starting from Parc Jeanne-Mance on the side of Mont-Royal at 1:00 pm.  We must all make a point of participating.  It will be a peaceful demonstration, so bring the family.

There’s no big secret to the success or failure of unions – it’s all about the participation and active mobilization of our members.

Sign the petition below and take part in all union activities, starting with the demonstration on September 23.é-prêtez-l-oreille-aux-solutions-que-vous-présentent-vos-salarié-es?recruiter=32355352&recruited_by_id=0edf49d0-01b4-0130-d797-4040f855b16c&utm_source=share_petition&utm_campaign=petition_dashboard&utm_medium=copylink

Together we will win!

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