Pay equity is the law and it’s here and now!

We’ve been waiting 12 years for the government to settle Category 3 pay equity complaints… Enough is enough!

In order to increase pressure on the government in the context of maintaining pay equity for category 3, attached is a standard letter to be forwarded by email to Mrs. Sonia Lebel (attached and at the end of this email). Do not hesitate to encourage your colleagues to write to her directly, whether by email, but also to write comments on her page:

 Also, do not hesitate to relaunch it if the answer does not seem satisfactory to you 😉.


• Wallpaper for meeting in videoconference

• Electronic signature

• Leaflet (French and English) to print and then cut out:

http://The tools are also available on our website:

Please print out the letter below addressed to Minister Sonia Lebel, sign it and send it by e-mail. We need to let her know that the minimum of respect would be to settle our pay equity complaints.

Message from the Representative of Office Staff, Technicians and Administrative Professionals (Category 3) of which here is the link:

We invite you to view and share it since it is a reminder of the existing tools as part of our campaign for the settlement of pay equity complaints for category 3, but also new action proposals for the summer.

We also ask that you take photos of yourself and your colleagues, on Wednesdays, with your sweater and/or scarf, and send them to us at or via our Facebook page SECUSM-MUHCEU FSSS CSN.

We don’t give up, 12 years to wait, that’s enough!

Solidarité / Solidarity

Union executive


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