No to the new orientation in our negotiations.

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The SECUSM executive is against the direction taken by the CSN in our negotiations,  a decision taken without democratic consultation. This counter-offer by the Negotiation Committee is unacceptable. The mandate that our members have given you is $3, $1, $1. 

At the first opportunity, the Negotiating Committee dropped the fixed amount increase that we (the base) had managed to get adopted. We have been getting poorer for 30 years. In 2004 we had 0% pay increase. Between 2005 and 2010 we were decreed a total of 8% over 5 years, which was below inflation. Between 2010 and 2015 we got 5% over 5 years, which was less than inflation. Between 2015 and 2020 we had 5.25% again, less than inflation. 

This demand reflected the need and urgency to have a real increase and not just peanuts for low wage earners. This demand ($3, $1, $1) was adopted in order to put an end to our impoverishment which has been growing every year for more than 15 years. The bargaining committee went with an unacceptable counter-offer of 2.2%. 

The % should never have been proposed by you, it goes against what is good for us low-wage earners. 2.2% represents an increase of $0.43 for those at $19.69 (hygiene and sanitation, food service attendant, laundry, etc.) which is clearly insufficient for staff retention and attraction. 

We could understand if the government was to make us an offer like this, but coming from the FSSS and the CSN, it is unacceptable. It was urgent before the pandemic to increase salaries and improve working conditions and this is even more true now. We must fight to improve our conditions. We strongly encourage you to call our federation, the FSSS, at the following number, 514-598-2210 or write to the person in charge of public sector negotiations at the CSN

We have to fight,

For the generalization of bonuses to all job titles!

For safe working conditions!

For a permanent wage increase of 3$/hour!

For the immediate seizure of money hidden in tax havens in order to adequately fund public services

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