Problem with your FDP-CSN strike fund cheque?

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Some members are reporting that their FDP-CSN strike fund cheque could not be deposited automatically (online deposit) because there was no cheque number printed on the cheque.  

Given the volume of cheques we had to produce, we had to use a private firm specializing in high-volume cheque issuance.  Unfortunately, for the second cheque, the company did not include a cheque number, which created a problem for some members. Our bank (Caisse Desjardins) is aware of the situation.

We recommend that you make a deposit in person at your bank counter (teller) as a first step. 

If your bank persists and refuses to deposit the cheque, please return the cheque to your local union office and we will provide you with another one. Please allow a delay.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Union Executive

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