Quebec Health Minister Recognizes the Work of the Unions

Corona Virus changes a lot of things. On March 25 during her daily press conference, Health Minister Danielle McCann said she would ask facility directors to have telephone meetings with all unions to “find out what is going on the work sites“.

This statement is a way of saying that the government does not always get it right from some managers, so the government wants a direct and daily link between the unions and the CEOs of all the establishments.

To view Minister McCann’s March 25 press conference click on :

The part of the press conference where the Minister talks about trade unions starts at the 22nd minute on the video of the conference.

Who would have thought the government would recognize the work of the unions a few months ago…?

Today we had our first telephone meeting with Dr. Gfeller.  We heard different and more positive responses than we’ve heard in the last 10 days.

Your union is working very hard for your health and safety at work.

If you lack protective equipment or witness poor or non-implemented safety procedures, you must complete an INCIDENT REPORT form.  

1) Complete the INCIDENT REPORT form

2) Bring your completed INCIDENT REPORT form to your site delegates

3) Your delegates will deposit it after having made a copy.

Together for our safety!

Circulate this information to your co-workers and encourage them to log on to our website for the latest news.

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