Rotation is just bad

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MUHC management has chosen to completely ignore the work-family-personal life balance by forcing employees to work shift rotations day / evenings or evening / night or other ridiculous schedule. The MUHC is not only going to attack your personal lives, it also attacks your health with the forced rotation of shifts.

Many studies, including McGill University, have concluded that changing schedules can:

• Disrupt your circadian rhythm (24-hour body cycle) which can lead to chronic fatigue

• disrupt sleep and sleep quality

• cause disorders of the gastrointestinal system

• cause cardiovascular disease

• aggravate different existing medical conditions

Workers who need prescription drugs to control certain disorders should be aware that disruption of the circadian rhythm can interfere with the treatment of certain diseases.

What are the gastrointestinal disorders associated with shift work?

Digestive problems such as indigestion, heartburn, stomach upset and loss of appetite are more common among shift workers and night workers. At night, loss of appetite often leads to increased consumption of “junk food”. The feeling of fatigue can encourage the consumption of caffeinated beverages (coffee, cola) to help the worker stay awake.

What are the effects on family and social life?

People who cannot establish a regular routine in their daily activities have difficulty planning their family responsibilities and coping with physical and mental fatigue as effectively as other workers. Participation in clubs, sports and other organized activities is very difficult as they are usually adapted to the normal day schedule.

What are we doing?

Your union has been protesting with energy for several months. The Labor Relations turns a blind eye and just says that only union representatives are upset. Yet more than 95% of the people asked at the union BBQ signed the petition.  We will bring this petition to senior management and we will inform you of the results.SOLIDARITY for our health

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