Safe masks are important.

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Following our intervention, unsafe masks were removed from circulation.  New boxes of compliant masks are available.  However, the boxes of both types of masks may be identical.

To find out if your mask is compliant, your mask should

1- close well around your nose

2- sticking well to your cheeks

3- Do not cause skin irritation.

If you suspect that a mask is non-compliant, immediately notify your supervisor AND your union office.

Wearing your protective equipment is important and it is equally important that your equipment is in compliance.

To contact your Site Delegates :

Glen site BS02 1102: Natale, 39305 — Guillermo 36485 — Monique 39306 —- Dereck 35311

Site MGH BS2.161 : Chris 42117 — Oliver 42116 — Vince 45488 — Indra 45771

Lachine Site 0G16 : Martin 77037 — Mathieu 77035

Satellites site: executive office — Shiaman (514) 439-8540

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