Solidarity is the key

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The SECUSM representatives participated in the CSN Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal convention from June 6 to 10.

First row: Shiaman Diawara president, Megan Di Lalla, Sharon Othello grievance agents Glen site

Second row : John Panagos, Vince Cofini, Kathleen De Melo OHS and grievance delegates MGH

This was an opportunity to show solidarity with workers from all sectors of activity.  What is obvious is that even though there is a shortage of workers in almost all sectors and the pandemic has demonstrated as never before the importance of the work of each employee, the bosses, whether in the private or public sector, do not hesitate to provoke labour conflicts to prevent wages from keeping up with inflation and often, they even dare to try to reduce working conditions, wages and pensions.

A striking example was the testimony of the President of the Rolls-Royce (aircraft engines) union.  The company went on lockout on March 15, and despite the huge profits and indecent bonuses paid to RR executives, the company has the audacity to offer a two-year wage freeze and to ask to give up their defined benefit pension fund.  In addition, RR has cut off access to drug coverage since March 15, leaving employee families with serious problems accessing medication.

We can already foresee that in 2023, despite the fact that inflation is over 12% since 2020 and that our salaries are only going up by 2% per year, the government will not want to do anything to prevent us from getting poorer.  All the talk about “guardian angels” is just talk.

We will have to fight and stand together if we want to stop the government’s profound contempt for us.

Union Executive

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