The battle for a good collective agreement is launched

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Meeting in Drummondville, delegates from the MUHCEU and from all the CSN health care unions in the province are discussing this week the demands that we will presented to the government.  Remember that our collective agreement ends on March 30, 2023.

The challenges are enormous with inflation at over 7% and employees leaving the health care sector.  There is a shortage of staff in almost all job titles and, with the shortage, the work overload is affecting us more and more as well as our working conditions.

This October 5th demonstration in Drummondville is to make it clear for the Legault government that we will not accept that our salaries regress, that our working conditions drive away colleagues and that the government takes advantage of this to introduce outsourcing to the private sector.

The FSSS-CSN is the first to take to the streets after the election and we will have to put a lot pressure on the government.  We will need everyone’s participation in our mobilization actions.

Let’s go for a good collective agreement.


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