Truly public!  No to Private Health Care!

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This morning, colleagues took the Palais des congrès by surprise, interrupting speeches by Christian Dubé, Minister of Health, and Geneviève Biron from the agency created by the CAQ.

This is the third action by CSN union members in a few weeks, as we are the most determined to protect our public healthcare system and defend public sector jobs.

Our campaign for a TRULY PUBLIC system will continue throughout Quebec to alert the population.

Barely a month ago, a demonstration forced Minister Fitzgibbon to leave the Palais des congrès without being able to speak. On April 20, we demonstrated with citizens for the reopening of intensive care at the Lachine hospital.

There will be other actions.  We must all get involved to prevent the private sector from demolishing our healthcare system, so that healthcare remains a right for all, and not a profit-making machine for the private sector.

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