For a real emergency in Lachine !

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Underhandedly, the CAQ is removing level 1 intensive care services from the Lachine hospital, even though the hospital is currently undergoing a $250 million expansion. Eliminating intensive care in Lachine is incomprehensible and unjustifiable.

The battle to keep our hospital fully functional is still necessary, despite two unanimous votes in the National Assembly in 2007 and 2023 to preserve the integrity of hospital services, including level 1 intensive care. Since 2007, the population has grown and aged, making it all the more important to maintain the integrity of our services.

An intensive care unit with fewer than 7 beds is not complete and will not be recognized as such. Without this recognition, it’s not just the equipment that will be in short supply, but also the intensivists and qualified staff – nurses, PAB’s and others – who won’t come to work there, because the remuneration won’t be that of an intensive care unit.

Without full monitoring, cases requiring intensive follow-up are diverted to other hospitals or, worse still, brought to Lachine for assessment and redirected to another hospital. Further delays cause deaths, according to several studies.

A citizens’ group has rallied around Dr. Saba and a few other doctors to demand that the CAQ keep its promises and confirm that a level 1 intensive care unit is now included in Lachine.

Let’s support this citizens’ initiative and prevent the CAQ from creating a critical situation through lack of access to intensive care, which would serve as a pretext for transferring even more care to the private sector.

On Saturday, April 20, at 2 p.m., in front of the Lachine hospital, we’ll be holding a major citizen and union demonstration to save the integrity of our hospital and our jobs.

The CSN wholeheartedly supports the citizens’ initiative to preserve intensive care at the Lachine hospital and elsewhere.

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