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The Legeault government despises the “guardian angels of the population“…

A few months ago the government offered public sector union members annual increases of 2.2% in 2020, 2.2% in 2021 and 2% in 2022.  That was before Covid-19 crisis.

Today, while the importance of the work of the “guardian angels” is clear as it has never been for the population as a whole, the government would like to impose 1.75% in 2020, 1.75% in 2021 and 1.5% in 2022.  A sharp decline.  A real slap in the face of the “guardian angels of the population”.

Then the government offers bonuses of 8% or 4% depending on sectors and job titles and for this bonus is for only 3 months.

This is odious.  All the people who enter the hospital put themselves at risk, the PAB’s who take care of the patients, the housekeeping who clean the soiled areas, the administrative officers who receive the patients, the kitchen where the cabarets that may be contaminated come back, the laundry room that receives the soiled linen, etc… the corona virus is not limited to contaminate the hospital’s emergency room.

The other odious aspect of the government’s position is that it has the nerve to offer wage increases below inflation for another 3 years.  Governments have been imposing wage increases below inflation for a long time.  Enough is enough.

In 2010 the Liberals who had given 42% increases to medical specialists imposed 5% over 5 years on “guardian angels” and in 2015 they did it again with 5.25% over 5 years.  And before 2010 the “guardian angels” had been given increases below inflation as well.

Enough of the government’s contempt for the “guardian angels”.

We want a collective agreement that corrects the injustices that we have suffered for too long.  

If the government, which has always extolled the importance of our work, does not understand that today, it will never understand it.

All of the hospital’s job titles contribute in their own way to the battle against the virus, and they all put themselves at risk to serve the public.  Physicians and nurses can’t do much without the cooperation of the other job titles: PAB’s, housekeeping, kitchen, laundry, administrative services, lab people, computer and technology services, everyone under the essential service umbrella.

We need to stand together and shout out loud and clear our opposition to this contemptuous and discriminatory offer.

Solidarity against government contempt.

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