A great victory for our Union! 

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Our security guards stood together as union members and acted as one with the help and support of all union officers.; our security guards got themselves all reclassified as “Surveillant-es en établissement.” This is a good example of our union members sticking together because they believed they were right. This time it represented an important salary increase.

The Security guards along with the union delegates were able to make the case that the duties actually performed by our colleagues were really those of “Surveillant-es en établissement.”

This success could not have been achieved without the participation of 100% of the guards showing up and sticking together to support the actions put forward by the union delegates.

Former CSN President Marcel Pépin (who spent a year in jail for challenging a government decree) said 

« In the trade-union, it is not enough to be right, you must have the means to be right »

 And the means to be right is solidarity and personal involvement of groups who believe in themselves and assert their rights.

The union delegate team salutes the solidarity of our “Surveillant-es en établissement”. This proves, once again, that together union members can force changes to make our workplace more fairer and a better place to work in.

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