COVID: Ending contamination in the workplace

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With more than 760 MUHC staff members contaminated by COVID since March, with the scientific institutes and specialists who, one by one, are coming to the conclusion that covid is also transmitted in aerosol mode, the Quebec government’s position is untenable.

N-95 masks or better are needed for anyone working in a red or yellow zone of a health care facility.

A Quebec company has developed an N-99 mask, which means that the filtration is superior to an N-95 mask.  In addition, this mask is designed to be disinfected and reused up to 50 times which would make it a more economical solution than N-95.

The government is doing nothing to protect health care workers, it is not taking any initiative to provide N-95 or N-99 masks. The current guidelines that severely restrict the wearing of N-95 or higher masks are partly responsible for the contamination that occurs within the health care system.

The newspaper La Presse reported on January 18 that : 

“One patient out of seven hospitalized with covid-19 received his first positive test more than seven days after his admission, which means he probably contracted the virus in hospital. » 

Our union has taken a position since the month of July on the absolute necessity of providing N-95 or better masks to our members.  Now that the N-99 developed in Quebec has been approved by the CNESST, what is the MUHC waiting for to provide us with some.  We have already had too many outbreaks at work.  

Our colleague and MUHCEU President Robert Lagueux was interviewed by the TVA network on the issue of masks. You can view the report at the following address:



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