Legault is asking us to become poorer

Indeed, the government offers us 9% for 5 years from April 1st 2023.  

The offer is broken down as follows

– April 1, 2023 3%. 

– April 1, 2024: 1.5 

– April 1, 2025: 1.5 

– April 1, 2026: 1.5 

– April 1, 2027: 1.5 

Lump sum payment of $1,000 to employees based on hours paid for the period April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

In 2021 we lost purchasing power with 3.4% inflation and only a 2% wage increase.

In 2022 we have suffered an inflation of 6.9% with only 2% salary increase.

Since the beginning we have lost at least 7% of our purchasing power

And all the experts predict that inflation will continue to hit in 2023.  The CAQ offers are a real slap in the face.

Legault has already forgotten that he designated us as the “guardian angels” of the population. 

Legault has put on his millionaire businessman’s clothes again and despises the workers who serve the population.

Legault has money, but only when he wants to have it… to give to companies.  

He has 10 billion for a tunnel in Quebec City and even yesterday, he found 50 million to give to a private company at Mont Ste-Anne that has pocketed its profits for years without investing in the maintenance of its own equipment to the point that now the cable car cabins are falling down. 

In less than 24 hours after the fall of the cabin, Legault comes running to offer 50 million of public money to this private company and he is not even ashamed to ask his “guardian angels” to accept to be seriously impoverished until 2028.

Wages are moving at a snail’s pace while inflation is soaring!

Offers like that are called contempt.

Mr. Legault, we will not let ourselves be scorned in this way

Together let’s mobilize against the CAQ’s contempt!

Together for a decent wage and good working conditions!

Union Executive

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