Negotiations are blocked…

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The FSSS blocks the Port of Montreal

The Legault government is offering us… impoverishment and even worse working conditions.

The members of the FSSS are standing up because we will not accept that the CAQ ignore us, the “guardian angels” of the population.

We have been, and still are, on the front lines of the fight against COVID.  We will not accept that the government offers us :

– 1.75% per year, which is less than inflation 

while he offers;

– 15.2% immediate salary increase for new teachers in the elementary and secondary school system and

– 10.2% immediate salary increase for teachers at the top of the salary scale.

The blockade of the Port of Montreal is the first in a series of actions to demand a settlement that meets our demands, a settlement that will not make us even poorer.  Since 2004, our wages have not even kept up with inflation.  Enough is enough!

Join your brothers and sisters for a good contract.



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