Vigil in front of the parliament

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Negotiations are stalled.  The members of the FSSS held a 24-hour vigil from Thursday, June 10 to Friday, June 11 in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City to denounce the fact that the government is offering poor working conditions and a salary that does not even keep up with inflation to the population’s guardian angels who are the small wage earners in the health network.

The government has found it important to offer 15.2% immediate salary increases to beginning teachers in the primary and secondary school systems and 10.2% to teachers at the top of the scale.  

Well, we, the soldiers on the front lines of the battle against COVID, are the lowest paid workers, and COVID has demonstrated our magnificent commitment to caring for the population as well as our professionalism, even under the worst conditions.  

Let’s remember that statistics show that employees in the health care network had, throughout the COVID crisis, and still today, 10 times more chance of contracting the disease than any other sector of society.

No more Mr. Legault ignoring us, no more scorning us, we want a salary that is commensurate with our commitment, our professionalism, and the fact that we are, at all times: essential!

Solidarity for a good collective agreement

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