The CSN and the FTQ win a settlement for the MDR’s

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The CSN and the FTQ have succeeded in obtaining an agreement in principle on maintaining pay equity for medical device reprocessors (MDR).

“After months of mobilization and representations to the Conseil du trésor, this agreement in principle marks an important victory to put an end to salary discrimination in the health and social services network,” said Josée Marcotte, vice-president of the Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux (FSSS-CSN), Maxime Ste-Marie, president of the provincial social affairs council of the SCFP-FTQ and Sylvie Nelson, president of the SQEES-FTQ.

The agreement in principle reached between the FSSS-CSN, CUPE-FTQ and SQEES-FTQ and the Conseil du trésor will be submitted for adoption by the unions in the next few days in the respective bodies of the union organizations. The details of the agreement will only be known at that time.

The CSN and the FTQ had joined forces in recent months to force the government to settle the pay equity complaints of the MDRPs. The PRDM, who number close to 2000 in the network, are responsible for sterilizing medical and surgical equipment. These workers, who play a central role in hospitals, have mobilized extensively to have the government finally recognize them.

The pay equity complaints of clerical and administrative staff must now be resolved

The FSSS-CSN, CUPE-FTQ and SQEES-FTQ will continue their mobilization and their representations to obtain a settlement of the pay equity complaints for clerical and administrative staff.

“The agreement in principle for the MDRPs shows that we are succeeding in getting the government to move. But it doesn’t stop there! Minister Lebel must also resolve the complaints of clerical and administrative staff. For more than 11 years, these workers have been waiting for recognition of their efforts to provide quality services to the population and for changes in their work,” concluded the union representatives.

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