Victory for the MDR’s

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After 11 years of struggle for pay equity and several mobilizations, including a recent one in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City[1] and another to interrupt Minister Lebel’s speech to the Montreal Board of Trade[2], we are pleased to announce a settlement of the pay equity complaints for MDR’s.

  • Effective April 1, 2022, the salary for MDRPs at the maximum of the scale is $25.00/hr and the other steps are also increased.
  • All MDRP employees will receive an additional 3.66% wage adjustment for all hours paid since March 20, 2016
  • Another additional 3.82% adjustment is added effective March 13, 2020
  • For an employee who was already at the top step on March 20, 2016, this means over $13,000 plus 5% interest since 2016
  • The agreement is not a bonus but a change in your salary so the extra % also applies to overtime, sick leave, work injury etc..

The government is dependent on LOGIBEC for payment since LOGIBEC is a private company (formerly it was a public institution).  So, the payment of the retroactivity could take a long time and could go until March 31st 2023.  Interest of 5% will also have to be paid for this period.

We also have to solve the internal problems in this department:

  • Bad management of the work schedules
  • Bad distribution of overtime
  • Refusal to train employees on other stations which deprives them of the opportunity to complete their work week or deprives them of overtime
  • Vacancies not posted, which deprives employees of full time status
  • Absences not replaced for long periods of time
  • No respect for seniority
  • Lack of full time positions which causes a lot of overtime
  • Etc.

The union team is determined to tackle these problems and we need the mobilization of all members of the department.

We must stand together in solidarity to force the MUHC to change

[1] See article on the mobilization in Quebec city

[2] See article on the mobilization at the Montreal Board of Trade

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