The Government is Offering us Peanuts !

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During the last year, Legault’s fine statements mentioning the governments appreciation of the “ Guardian Angels” have turned out to be meaningless. When it’s time to negotiate, he offers us peanuts! 

Since 2004, our salary has not kept up with cost of living, which causes the buying power of our salaries as health care workers to go down and the poorer we become each year.

We are asking for fixed increases of $2/hr, $0.75/hr and $0.75/hr

Here is the government offer :

WagesLump sums
Year 1 : 1,75 % Year 2 : 1,75 % Year 3 : $0,43 (rank 1 à 11) 1,5 % (rank 12 and above)Year 1 : $0,66 per hour at rank 1, gradually decreasing to $ 0,33 per hour for ranks 12 and above Year 2 : $0,66 per hourYear 3 : Nothing

Purchasing power protection mechanism limited to 1 % if and only if inflation exceeds 5 % over 3 years

As for our working conditions, the government is not budging and is offering nothing to keep the « Guardian Angels » in the health care system.

COVID bonuses and the lump sum for attendance at work will cease. In addition, lump sums and bonuses do not count towards our pension. 

We don’t want peanuts… We want SALARY !

We will have to mobilize, show solidarity and demonstrate our determination to be respected.

We look forward to seeing you in large numbers at the general assembly for an unlimited general strike vote (May 14 and 15, 2021)

All information will be communicated at the general assembly

Solidarity !

MUHCEU Executive Committee

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