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The CAQ continues the government tradition that allows doctors to be the only ones to get rich, to the detriment of the public treasury and the Health care system small wage earners: the PABs, the housekeeping, the entire administrative sector and all the other small wage earners.

In 2006 the liberals had :

– granted 42% increase to specialists while they imposed wage increases below inflation to the employees of the health network.  

– allowed specialists to incorporate and thus paying 14% taxes instead of paying more than 40% taxes.

Le Journal de Montréal informs us on December 7, that several specialists earned more than 2 million per year in 2019….  

As researcher Damien Contandriopoulos says :

 “Once the money is invested there (Editor’s note: in the pockets of specialists), the government no longer has it to invest elsewhere”[1]

Everything for the doctors and nothing for us, the small salaried workers in the health care sector who have been asked since the beginning of the pandemic to devote themselves without providing us with N-95 masks.  

We are made to work with colleagues and patients potentially infected with COVID because there are not enough resources to systematically test everyone in our healthcare system.

We’re forced to work in different workplaces, different shifts.  

We are forced to work overtime.

We’re forced to work overtime. 

We’re severely limited in our right to take vacations and statutory Holidays.

We continue to serve the public at all costs while the government makes conflicting decisions in managing the crisis, while the crisis drags on and we are taking patients into a system that is in danger of breaking down after the holidays. 

Our collective agreement expired on April 1st and the government keeps hammering that it will give us less than inflation.  If the government imposes this on us, it will be the fourth 5-year collective agreement in a row that the “ guardian angels” will be impoverished.

We are tired of getting poorer.  Our salary has not kept up with inflation since 2004.  Since 2006, we have been seeing specialists happily dipping into the coffers with the blessing of the governments.

We, the “guardian angels” are tired of being scorned and ignored.

We want $2 an hour in 2020; 75 cents an hour in 2021 and 2022.  This is a minimum.

We want N-95 masks for anyone working in the red or yellow zone.

We want full-time, stable positions, without displacement or rotation.

We. want regular COVID tests for all health staff until everyone is vaccinated.

MUHCEU Executive


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